Zoning permits are required for all new construction whether it's a new residential or commercial structure, a remodel/renovation or addition to an existing structure, an outside storage building, or an attached deck. Permits are also required for tree removal, swimming pools, a home based business, and signs. These are a few examples when a permit is required. Should you have any questions about your proposed improvement, please contact our office.

Typical turnaround time for a zoning permit is twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours.

The Village of Marvin does not issue building permits, this is handled by Union County, however a zoning permit with the Village must be obtained in order to receive a building permit. All inquiries regarding what is needed to obtain a Building Permit, Electrical Permit and/or Mechanical Permit for new construction, remodeling/renovation projects, and Certificates of Occupancy (C.O.) from Union County should be directed to the Building Code Enforcement Division at 500 North Main Street, Monroe, NC or by calling the following numbers: (704) 283-3816.


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