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Marvin Walking TrailIn addition to the Village's asphalt Greenway, commonly referred to as "The Marvin Loop," which is visible from Joe Kerr Road and Marvin School Road, the Village of Marvin contains over 3 miles of natural surface walking trails.

Trails with public parking access include:

  • Town Hall Trail and the Preserve Internal Trail. Public Parking for these trails include Village Hall parking lot.
  • Marvin Efird Park Trail. Parking at Marvin Efird Park. 
  • Publix Pocket Park Trail. Parking at the parking lot adjacent to Publix (New Town/ Providence Road)

Other Trails in the Village include: 

  • Amber Meadows Trail.  There is no public parking for this trail. Access is only via sidewalks.
  • Tullamore Trail. There is no public parking for this trail. Access is only via sidewalks.

The Village of Marvin recently completed it's longest natural surface trail, the Preserve Internal Trail. It can be accessed from Village Hall on the far end of the parking lot, taking the Town-Hall trail towards Golden Bell and then turning right just before the Town-Hall trail ends. The Preserve Internal Trail ends at White Dogwood Lane.

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Trailheads & Parking

Please see below for the interactive trail map for more details on walking trails and parking.

  • Marvin Village Hall (10006 Marvin School Road) - Parking Available
    • Access to Preserve Trail, Marvin Loop
  • Marvin Efird Park (8909 New Town Road) - Parking Available
    • Access to Marvin Efird Park Trail


Map Legend

GREEN = Completed Trails, YELLOW = Future Trails*

*Please note that the trails designated in yellow are yet to be constructed and have varying statuses. Some trails are purely conceptual at this stage and easements have yet to be acquired, while others are funded and are planned for future construction. Please contact Village Staff if you have a question about the Village Trail Network.