Who We Are

Village of Marvin, Enriched by Nature

"We are the Village of Marvin, North Carolina.

Chartered as a village in 1994, our rich history runs deep in Marvin. We were originally inhabited by woodland Indians who lived among the forest and thickets, and abundant wildlife of the Union County wilderness. Early European settlers found our area and soon established a prosperous agrarian economy and simple lifestyle defined by cotton farming and building of community. Our foundation of faith and productivity is still seen in the historic churches and homesteads in the Marvin Heritage District, and our legacy of diversity handed down by Maggie Ross lives on to this day.

Also handed down is a deeply rooted appreciation of land and nature. We are surrounded by suburbia in one of the largest metros in the south, yet have sustained our natural riches and plentiful landscape. It is the stately oaks in our neighborhoods, our pastoral trails providing relaxing strolls throughout our community, and even the greenery preserved along our roadways and communities. Perhaps most of all, it is the idyllic scenery of Marvin Efird Park with its lush gardens, flowers, and wildlife. The Village of Marvin truly is a bubble of green and nature in the middle of a sea of urbanization.

It is this nature and upscale quality of life that has drawn our residents to choose to live here. We are a proud community, and the accolades we’ve received as the best town in North Carolina is on display in our beautiful homes, exceptional schools, and diverse neighbors. We love to come together in Marvin, at events and celebrations in the park, gatherings in our neighborhood clubhouses, and community functions at the Village Hall. The Village of Marvin is proud but unpretentious, affluent yet understated. We are a retreat from the metro and have a wealth of amenities that define us as a place. We are active and green, content and comfortable. That is our nature and our nature is flourishing.

We welcome you to experience the Village of Marvin, Enriched by Nature!”


About Marvin

  • Marvin was incorporated on July 1, 1994 and is one of the fastest growing communities in North Carolina.
  • Marvin covers more than 6 square miles.
  • Marvin is centrally located and easily accessible to major employment centers within Center City Charlotte, Ballantyne and South Charlotte.
  • Marvin values greenspace preservation through tree, stream and viewshed buffers.
  • Marvin has the highest median income in the state.
  • Enjoy a 27-acre park featuring a playground, a barn shelter, 1 mile of meandering trails and a community garden with planned community events such as: Marvin Day, Movie Nights, National Night Out and an annual Holiday Tree Lighting.
  • Marvin is in the process of developing a Village-wide greenway/trail system, including a 4-mile paved trail along Marvin School, New Town, Marvin and Joe Kerr roads.
  • Marvin residents attend three of the top performing high schools in the state, including Marvin Ridge High School, Weddington High School, and Cutherbertson High School.

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