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How do I apply for employment with the Village of Marvin?

You may view current employment opportunities by clicking on "Employment Opportunities" under the "Resources" tab or by clicking on "Apply for a Job" under the "How Do I" tab.

Be sure to complete the employment application and follow the submittal instructions that accompany each job description.

Alternatively, you may apply in person during business hours, 10am-2pm, Monday through Thursday at Marvin Village Hall.

How do I contact the Village?

To contact the Village, you may:

  • Use the "Contact the Village" form listed under the "How Do I" tab for general inquiries.
  • Use the "Report a Concern" form listed on the home page and under the "How Do I" tab to report a pressing issue.
  • Call Marvin Village Hall at (704) 843-1680.
  • Use the "Staff Directory" page listed under the "Government" tab to access additional phone numbers and position titles for staff members.
  • Use the "Village Council" and board pages under the "Government" tab to access contact information for Council and Board members.
How do I pay online?

To pay online, you may click "Pay Online" listed under the "How Do I" tab. You may also pay online from the Taxes and Facility Rentals page.

How do I submit a public records request?

To submit a public records request, please download and complete the public records request form from the "Documents & Forms" page listed under the "Resources" page.

Once completed, please submit the forms to the Clerk's Office online though the "Contact the Village" page or in person during business hours, 10am-2pm Monday through Thursday.

I'm new to Marvin. Who do I contact for garbage, street lights, water/sewer, etc.?

New residents should review our New Resident Information and Utilities pages. The pages are not all-inclusive, but are maintained to help new residents settle in. Additionally, there are many other helpful pages under the "Resources" tab.

I have a concern about potential plans that the Village Council is discussing. What is the best way for me to contact council members?

The Village Council is very interested in hearing your thoughts and concerns. You may attend any public meeting and sign up to speak at any public comment segment. You do not have to live in Marvin to attend or sign up to speak at a public meeting.

Additionally, if you are a Marvin resident, you may stop by the Village Hall during "Coffee with Council" sessions and talk with council members.

Where may I find meeting documents?

Meeting documents, including agenda packets, adopted minutes, and recordings for each board are available online on each board's respective page under the "Government" tab.

These documents are also available for inspection and replication at Marvin Village Hall during business hours, 10am-2pm Monday through Friday.

Please contact the Clerk's Office if you wish to submit a public records request to review or receive copies of meeting documents not provided online.

NOTE: Pre-2020 agenda packets have exceeded their required retention and are no longer available.

Why are some minutes not posted online?

Only adopted minutes are posted online. The Village Council usually reviews meeting minutes at their work session meetings and adopts them at the following regular meeting.

All Boards and Committees usually adopt their minutes at their next scheduled meeting.

NOTE: Draft minutes and minutes for earlier meetings not listed online are available from the Clerk's Office. Please contact the Clerk's Office if you wish submit a public records request to inspect or receive copies of these documents.

How do I check if my property taxes have been paid?

For Village of Marvin Property Taxes: Those needing to view tax records may do so through the Village of Marvin, NC MyGovHub tax lookup page. To view records, you must:

  • Create a Profile
  • Add Account using the Property Address or Property ID (parcel # without dashes) exactly as it appears on your tax bill

View Tax Records

For Union County Property Taxes: Please click the link below to be transferred the Union County Tax Administration website.

Union County Tax Administration Website

Note: As of July 1, 2021, Union County will begin collecting all taxes for the Village of Marvin.

How do I annex into Marvin?

To annex into Marvin, please:

  1. Download and complete an Annexation Petition from the "Annexation" or "Documents & Forms" pages listed under the "Resources" tab.
  2. Attach a copy of your General Warranty Deed (to prove property ownership).
  3. Submit the documents to the Village Clerk's Office online through the "Contact the Village" form under the "How Do I" tab or in person during business hours, 10am-2pm Monday through Friday.
  4. After submittal, Village Staff will finish the rest of the process.
What are the benefits of annexing into Marvin?

Benefits of annexation include:

  • Public Safety Coverage - Marvin residents receive faster response times than those in unincorporated areas.
  • Traffic Mitigation - The Village of Marvin has dedicated time and resources into working to combat traffic problems arising from neighboring communities.
  • Low Taxes - Marvin's property tax rate is $0.06, which is much lower than neighboring municipalities, such as Waxhaw.
  • Inclusive Disconnected Rates on Services such as Solid Waste and Recycling - The Village is moving forward with establishing solid waste and recycling services as a municipal service, meaning that the Village would contract with one provider for the area and ensure a better quality service at a lower cost.
  • Sense of Community - Being part of Marvin means being part of something greater than yourself. Marvin residents are able to volunteer on advisory boards and may run for local political office.
  • Representation - By being part of Marvin, you will will have the influence of the Village Council and Government working on issues that are important to you at both the local and state level.
  • Zoning - The Village restricts zoning to prevent high density development from occurring within its boundaries.
  • Free and Special Use of Amenities - These benefits include lower prices on facility rentals at Marvin Efird Park, as well as access to special events, and inclusion into Marvin's trail network.
What is does it mean to be incorporated or unincorporated?

Unincorporated means a property does not belong in a defined community (such as Marvin, Waxhaw, Weddington, etc.). These property owners are solely Union County residents.

Incorporated means the property is within a defined municipal inclusive boundary that has greater benefits and belongs to a defined community (like Marvin). These property owners pay a small tax for inclusion.

What is Marvin’s tax rate compared to neighboring municipalities?

Marvin’s tax rate is 6 cents per $100 of assessed value, whereas Charlotte and Waxhaw’s rates are 34 cents and 38 cents respectively. For the average Marvin resident, that’s only $400 a year!

What is voluntary annexation?

Voluntary annexation is when a property owner or group of property owners in an unincorporated area want to voluntarily be a part of an incorporated jurisdiction (a city, town, or village). There is a process to follow to make annexations official, but it is a completely voluntary process.

Will Marvin take away our neighborhood gates if we annex?

No, all gates would be taken in as a nonconforming use and will still be allowed. If a Homeowners Association requests the Village to take over ownership of their streets, State law prohibits the use of gates on public roads; therefore, as long as no such requests are made, gates would still be allowed under a nonconforming use.

Can I bring alcohol to an event at the park?

Yes, beer and wine (no hard alcohol/liquor) is allowed at your event only if you complete the Alcohol Waiver form and submit with your rental application prior to your event.

Can I rent the Barn or Picnic Shelter if I'm not a resident of Marvin?

Yes, everyone may request to reserve the barn or picnic shelter. All rentals require a refundable security deposit and the rental rates are lower if you are a Marvin resident.

Complete a rental application form and return it to the Village with cash or check for security deposit to secure your date and time.

Can I enter Marvin-Efird Park if I'm not a resident of Marvin?

Yes, the Marvin-Efird Park is a public park. Parking passes are not required unless you are using the park for business purposes.

Click Here for More information on Professional Access Passes.

How do I get a Professional Access Pass?

Professional access passes are sold to those wishing to use the Park for business purposes, such as photographers. Those needing to purchase a pass must complete the application and pay the required fee. A single day pass is $50, while an annual pass is $250.

The application can be found on the "Marvin Efird Park" page under the "Government" tab, as well as on the "Documents & Forms" page under the "Resources" tab. Passes may be purchased in person at Village Hall with cash or by check. Passes may also be purchased online by credit card.


Are there any service options for those with very long driveways?

Additional service for residents who have long drives that do not want to push carts to the roadside are available at an extra cost.  Contact Active Waste Solutions for more information, at 704-626-7400 and ask about “Valet back door” service. The fees for this extra service is in addition to what is collected through your taxes, and is billed to you directly through Active Waste. The cost for valet service of one container weekly is $35 per month; for two containers the cost is $44 per month, billed directly to the homeowner.

Can Active Waste dispose of paint or chemicals?

We do not accept paint or chemicals. They can be disposed of at Foxhole Recycling Center - 17131 Lancaster Highway, Charlotte, N.C. (Membership required).

Can Active Waste recycle glass?

We do not accept glass. The closest facility that accepts glass free of charge for Union County residents is located at 4600 Goldmine Road, Monroe. There is no charge for glass or any other common recyclables. They are open Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays from 7am-7pm.

Can I order extra trash bins?

Extra Bins: Additional container(s) for garbage or recycling are available for an initial fee of $10, plus $4 per month collection fee billed by Active Waste Solutions directly to the resident. Call Active Waste Solutions at 704 -626-7400 to request additional containers.

How can I contact Active Waste?

You can contact Active Waste by phone, email, or through their website.

  • Phone: 704-626-7400
  • Email:
  • Website: 
How much does Active Waste cost?

Your Active Waste fees are collected in your Union County taxes each year.

  • 2021 Tax Bills included a $61 charge for Solid Waste for services to be offered April - June of 2022.
  • 2022 Tax Bills (mailed this fall and due January 2023) will include a $244 charge for Solid Waste for garbage, recycling, and yard waste for July 2022 - June 2023.
How will I know my collection date?

Each resident will receive a letter in the mail informing them of their exact collection date the week of March 15. Route Maps will be available to the public that week. Yard waste will be collected every Tuesday for all residents.

I have seen some vendors mix recycling and household waste; is this allowed with the contract with Marvin?

Absolutely not! We take pride in our communities’ efforts to have a reduced carbon footprint. In the event any resident sees this activity taking place after April 1, 2022; please take photos and report to Village Hall immediately. The Village has penalties in place to charge hefty fines for this activity.

Is there a charge for bulk items such as furniture, appliances and rugs?

Annual Cleaning Event: Active Waste Solutions will offer FREE bulk, electronics, and white goods (appliances) drop off on August 6, 2022 for Village of Marvin residents. Details of this one-day event will be posted at a later date. If you need to schedule additional bulk pickups throughout the year, there is a charge to remove a bulk item, and the cost depends on the type and size of the item. You would need to contact Active directly to schedule the pickup.

What if I am a new homeowner in Marvin?

New Residents will pay their pro-rated service fee through the Village of Marvin Finance office. Please contact us at 704-843-1680.

What if I am not technically a Marvin resident?

If you are a non-Marvin resident, you will NOT be serviced by us and will need to find your own vendor. Active will service your house for garbage and recycling for $31/month ($128 higher than the annual cost of Marvin residents) OR you can voluntarily annex into Marvin and get Marvin rates.
Click Here for More Information on Annexation

What if I can’t physically take my trash bin to the curb?

Customers who physically cannot get containers to the curb will be provided back door service upon request, free of charge. Contact Active Waste Solutions for more information, 704-626-7400.

What if I don’t want to receive these services?

Every Marvin household is assessed this fee, regardless of whether they choose to receive service from the Village; this is how we were able to keep costs so low with better services.

What items can I recycle?

The list of what can and cannot be recycled is vast. Please visit the Active Waste Recycling page for details and the most up to date lists.

What services will be provided?

Services will include weekly solid waste (household trash), recycling, and yard waste collection, annual holiday tree collection, annual bulk and white goods drop-off at Village Hall, as well as local customer service.

What time should we leave out trash bins on our pickup day?

We suggest you leave your trash bins out the night before your pickup day, because pickup times can vary. If you must wait until the day of your pickup, Active Waste requests that your bins be ready by 6 a.m.

What types of trash can be thrown away in Residential bins?

Regular household trash is fine to throw away.  Bagged yard waste can be placed into the trash bins.  If another bin is needed, please call the office to add that onto the account.  Additional charges will apply.  We cannot pick up construction materials, dirt or mulch in our residential bins.  For additional service or dumpster rental, please contact our office.

When should I cancel my current trash service?

If you have another vendor, you need to schedule cancellation of current service, effective April 1 and request they pick up their containers. Current Active Waste Solutions customers do NOT have to call or change containers.

When will I receive my new trash bins?

Rollout container delivery for residents who are NOT currently using Active Waste Solutions will occur the week of March 21.

Who should I contact when I have a problem or question about my trash service?

For the fastest service and resolution of your problem/question we advise you to call Active Waste customer service first. Phone: 704-626-7400. If you are not receiving help or getting a response from Active Waste, or if you believe something needs to be escalated to our attention you can contact us at the Village of Marvin through the Contact the Village form.

Why did the Village of Marvin contract with Active Waste?

The Marvin Village Council decided to initiate this service for better service and performance, increased safety in our neighborhoods, preservation of Village roads, lower annual costs to residents, standardized collection days, reduced emissions and more.