Voluntary Annexation

North Carolina law allows a property owner to submit a petition to a municipality, requesting annexation. Two kinds of areas can be annexed: a contiguous area (adjacent to current Village boundaries) and a satellite or non-contiguous area (not adjacent to the Village boundaries).

Property owners wishing to initiate annexation may submit an annexation petition with a copy of their general warranty deed (to prove ownership of the property to be annexed). To see if your property is eligible for annexation, please check the linked map below or contact Austin W. Yow, Village Clerk & Assistant to the Manager at (704) 843-1680 or by using the Contact the Village form.


Why should I annex into Marvin?

Better and More Affordable Trash and Recycling Services

Beginning April 1, 2022, the Village will be taking over ALL solid waste and recycling services. The following services will be provided to all Marvin residents:

  • Weekly solid waste (household trash) and recycling collection
  • Yard waste collection
  • Holiday tree collection (starting January 2023)
  • Annual curbside electronics collection (one-time event)
  • Annual bulk and white goods drop-off at Village Hall (one-time event)
  • Local customer service

With that, residents will see many positive changes to come with their current services, including:

  • Better quality of services (e.g., missed collections get addressed expediently); background checks and training standards of all employees will be required; and
  • Better customer service (i.e., a local Village of Marvin employee); and
  • Increased pedestrian and bicyclist safety by limiting large trucks in our neighborhoods; and
  • Preservation of Village roads (and privately maintained roads) by reducing the number of high weight collection trucks; and
  • Lower overall annual costs for residents (savings are estimated to be approximately $110!); and
  • Promote environmentally friendly community (reducing emissions); and
  • Greater control over performance issues (i.e., penalties for non-performance issue with a municipality is greater than an individual homeowner); and
  • Standardizing collection days and thereby improving neighborhood aesthetics (all homeowners will have carts out on same day vs. multiple days as it is now with multiple vendors having varying collection days).


Better Public Safety

Marvin contracts two Sheriff Deputies from Union County to serve the Village of Marvin seven days a week. Given the desire for increased security, we recently hired the second officer. Our officers’ response times are faster than those of the Union County Sherriff’s Office. With your neighborhoods' annexation, you too can get increased public safety in your neighborhood.


Road Maintenance & Ongoing Traffic Mitigation

Marvin has coordinated with NCDOT and built two roundabouts on New Town Road, with one additional roundabout at New Town and Marvin Road coming Summer 2022, and two more major intersection improvements soon. We also intend to resurface neighborhood roads and install street lighting long the major thoroughfares. All these services that would improve your daily life could be brought to you with the help of your neighborhoods’ tax base.


Low Taxes

85% lower than our neighbors in Waxhaw, Marvin has one of the lowest taxes in the Charlotte region, at only 6 cents per $100 valuation of your property (an average of $400 per year).

For comparison, Waxhaw’s tax rate is 38.5 cents, and Charlotte’s tax rate is 34.8 cents. Yet with such a low tax rate, we manage a wide variety of services through responsible budgeting and efficient operations.


Tight-Knit Community

Fun seasonal and family focused events

We are a friendly community that cares about each other. Other benefits of being a resident of Marvin includes reduced facility rental rates at Marvin Efird Park, community events such as the Tree Lighting Ceremony and Moonlight Egg Hunt, connectivity to our expanding trails and parks network, increased pedestrian safety, and more.



Together we are stronger!

By being in Marvin’s limits, you can run for local office or apply to be on one of our advisory boards and make a direct impact on big decisions made in your community. On top of that, being together in the Village of Marvin gives us strong lobbying power to address various issues at the State level and beyond.


Marvin Heritage District and Pleasant Recreation

The Marvin Heritage District is a planned project to deliver a thoughtful economic center with a rural aesthetic and plenty of community gathering spaces. We also recently adopted a comprehensive plan to develop a trail network to provide interconnectivity to all of Marvin. Both the Marvin Heritage District and the trail network can be built better and sooner with your help.



Marvin has done a great job so far in keeping the area quaint and peaceful through strict zoning regulations. Marvin also maintains the trails, Marvin Efird Park, and an increasing base of neighborhood roads. But with the pressures of growth in the region, we need to do more to ensure that the growth is responsible.