Planning Board

The Planning Board is an advisory board that serves at the discretion of the Council. The Board meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 6pm at Village Hall. The Board is charged with developing and maintaining a cooperative planning program to benefit the residents of the Village of Marvin. The duties of the Board relate directly to planning and land development. The Board provides recommendations to the Council in accordance with, and/or with regard to, ordinances, land use plan, NC Statutes on Planning & Development, Public Involvement Meeting comments, and staff recommendations. The Board reviews text and zoning amendments and makes recommendations to the Council.

In addition, the Planning Board fulfills the functions of the Design Review Board (DRB). The function of this board is to review design regulations and project applications for non-residential projects and those projects falling within a conditional zoning district.

2022 Planning Board Meeting Schedule (Adopted 10/19/21)

Advisory Boards Application


Board Members

Chair John Jones Term: 3/1/2023
Vice-Chair Kelly Cates Term: 3/1/2024
  Malinda Daniel Term: 3/1/2023
  Richard Holzberg Term: 3/1/2024
  Michael Lavelle Term: 3/1/2023
  Kenneth Marino Term: 3/1/2023
  Kent Renner Term: 3/1/2024
Council Liaison Councilman Bob Marcolese  


Agendas & Minutes (2022 - Present)

Note: Planning Board Agendas and Minutes through December 2021 are provided in the module below.

Click Here to Access Agendas and Minutes from January 2022 to Present.


Agenda & Minutes (Through 2021)

Meeting Date Meeting Name Agenda Minutes Recording
12-21-2021 Regular Meeting 2021-12-21 PB Agenda Packet.pdf
11-16-2021 Regular Meeting 2021-11-16 PB Agenda Packet.pdf
2021-11-16 PB Mtg Min1.pdf
10-19-2021 Regular Meeting 2021-10-19 PB Agenda Packet.pdf
2021-10-19 PB Mtg Min.pdf
9-21-2021 Regular Meeting 2021-09-21 PB Agenda Packet.pdf
2021-09-21 PB Mtg Min.pdf
8-17-2021 Regular Meeting 2021-08-17 PB Agenda Packet.pdf
2021-08-17 PB Mtg Min.pdf
7-20-2021 Regular Meeting 2021-07-20 PB Agenda Packet.pdf
2021-07-20 PB Mtg Min.pdf
6-15-2021 Regular Meeting 2021-06-15 PB Agenda Packet.pdf
2021-06-15 PB Mtg Min.pdf
5-18-2021 Regular Meeting 2021-05-18 PB Agenda Packet.pdf
2021-05-18 PB Mtg Min.pdf
4-20-2021 Regular Meeting 2021-04-20 PB Agenda Packet.pdf
2021-04-20 PB Mtg Min.pdf
3-17-2021 Special Meeting 2021-03-17 PB Special Agenda Packet.pdf
2021-03-17 PB Special Mtg.pdf
3-16-2021 Regular Meeting - Lack of Quorum 2021-03-16 PB Agenda Packet.pdf
2021-03-16 PB Mtg Min No Quorum.pdf
3-8-2021 Joint Meeting with Council 2021-03-08 VC PB Special Joint Mtg.pdf
2021-03-08 VC PB Joint Mtg Min.pdf
2-16-2021 Regular Meeting 2021-02-16 PB Agenda Packet.pdf
2021-02-16 PB Mtg Min.pdf
2-3-2021 Joint Meeting with Council 2021-02-03 VC PB Special Mtg Notice.pdf
2021-02-03 VC PB Joint Mtg Min.pdf
1-19-2021 Regular Meeting 2021-01-19-pb-agenda-packet.pdf
2021-01-19 PB Mtg Min.pdf
12-15-2020 Regular Meeting 2020-12-15-pb-agenda-packet.pdf
2020-12-15 PB Mtg Min.pdf
11-17-2020 Regular Meeting 2020-11-17-pb-agenda-packet.pdf
10-20-2020 Regular Meeting 2020-10-20-pb-agenda-packet.pdf
9-16-2020 Regular Meeting 2020-09-16-pb-agenda-packet.pdf
8-18-2020 Regular Meeting 2020-08-18-pb-agenda-packet.pdf
7-21-2020 Regular Meeting 2020-07-21-pb-agenda-packet-with-lup.pdf
6-16-2020 Regular Meeting 2020-06-16-pb-agenda-packet.pdf
5-19-2020 Regular Meeting 2020-05-19-pb-agenda-packet.pdf
4-21-2020 Regular Meeting 2020-04-21-pb-agenda-packet.pdf
3-9-2020 Joint Meeting with Council 2020-03-09-vc_pb-joint-mins_42120.pdf
2-18-2020 Regular Meeting 2020-02-18-pb-agenda-packet.pdf
1-21-2020 Regular Meeting 2020-01-21-pb-agenda-packet_website.pdf
12-17-2019 Regular Meeting 2019-12-17 PB Mtg Min.pdf
11-19-2019 Regular Meeting 2019-11-19 PB Mtg Min.pdf
11-4-2019 Special Meeting 2019-11-04-pb-agenda-packet.pdf
2019-11-04 PB Special Mtg Min.pdf
10-14-2019 Joint Meeting with Council 2019-10-14-vc-and-pb-joint-special-meeting.pdf
2019-10-14 PB VC Joint Mtg Min.pdf
9-17-2019 Regular Meeting 2019-09-17-pb-revised_2-agenda-packet.pdf
2019-09-17 PB Mtg Min.pdf
8-21-2019 Regular Meeting 2019-08-21-planning-board-agenda-packet.pdf
2019-08-21 PB Mtg Min.pdf
7-16-2019 Regular Meeting 2019-07-16-planning-board-agenda-packet.pdf
2019-07-16 PB Mtg Min.pdf
5-21-2019 Regular Meeting 2019-05-21-pb-agenda-draft.pdf
2019-05-21 PB Mtg Min.pdf
5-6-2019 Special Meeting 2019-5-6-pb-agenda-packet1.pdf
2019-05-06 PB Mtg Min.pdf
4-16-2019 Regular Meeting - Canceled 2019-04-16-pb-agenda-packet.pdf
3-19-2019 Regular Meeting 2019-03-19-pb-mtg-agenda-packet.pdf
2019-03-19 PB Mtg Min.pdf
2-26-2019 Regular Meeting 2019-02-26-planning-board-agenda-packet.pdf
2019-02-26 PB Mtg Min.pdf
2-8-2019 Joint Meeting with Council 2019-02-08-vc-annual-retreat-agenda-final.pdf
2019-02-08 PB VC Joint Mtg Min.pdf
1-15-2019 Regular Meeting 2019-01-15-pb-agenda-packet.pdf
2019-01-15 PB Mtg Min.pdf