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Village Staff

(Back Row: Matt McManus, Davy Broom, Mary CaƱongo, Tyler Huneycutt, Hunter Nestor; Front Row: Jill Carilli, Poulami Das, Austin Yow, Christina Amos)

You will notice that throughout the Village website email addresses for Village Staff are not listed. This helps to maintain the integrity and security of the Village’s website and internal data systems from phishing and malware attempts. Please use the Contact the Village form linked below to email Village Staff; your message will be routed to the appropriate person for your question or concern.

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Contact the Village

Last Name First Name Title Phone Ext Cell Phone
Das Poulami Planning & Communications Technician (704) 8431680
McManus Matt Public Works Superintendent (704) 8431680 (704) 6359090
Cañongo Mary Executive Assistant (704) 8431680 1
Huneycutt Tyler Recreation Activities Coordinator (704) 8431680 2
Nestor Hunter Planning & Zoning Director (704) 8431680 3 (704) 9930172
Broom Davy Public Works Director (704) 8431680 4 (980) 3281462
Yow Austin Village Clerk & Assistant to the Manager (704) 8431680 5
Carilli Jill Finance Director (704) 8431680 6
Amos Christina Manager (704) 8431680 7
Gallis Tommy Deputy Sheriff (704) 8431680 8
Swan Ed Deputy Sheriff (704) 8431680 8