The last few weeks in Marvin we have had a couple vehicles stolen. We have also had cars burgled. I try to share information on how to prevent these crimes. Criminals will continue to check to see if we are being diligent to thwart their criminal activities. I would encourage all of us to adhere to some basic crime prevention, if not for yourselves, then for the safety of your neighbors.

  1. Do not leave anything in your vehicles, and keep the doors locked.
  2. Keep your key fobs in your pocket or purse not in the cupholder, and do not leave your keys in your car. Eventually you will forget to take your key fob and your car will be stolen.
  3. Use your alarms even if you are only going to be gone for a few minutes. If someone breaks in, they might get in and out, but it limits the time they can stay inside your homes.
  4. Keep your garage doors closed especially at night. The interior garage door is the weakest door in your house (usually).

These criminals know that they can score coming to your neighborhoods. They will continue to come if they know it is easy to steal from our neighborhoods. Following these simple tips will reduce the amount of their presence in our neighborhoods.

Thank you for your time.
Deputy Swan