Dear residents,

We would like to issue a correction about yesterday’s post regarding the public involvement meeting for the Aventon apartment complex. We have discovered that the developer did in fact attempt to send us an invitation in advance, but they had sent it to our emails during our transition to, so it did not come through the server. We apologize for that miscommunication.

In any case, this also serves as a reminder to residents that the second public involvement meeting for the Aventon apartment complex is TONIGHT, February 11th, at 6:30 PM virtually, and requires registration in advance. The proposal is a conditional rezoning of the property at the SW corner of New Town Road and Providence Road to allow approximately 300 apartments on 19 acres, for a density of about 16 units per acre. You may register to the meeting by clicking the link at the bottom of this message.

As usual, we want to state that the Marvin Council is opposed to any high density rezoning in or near Marvin, and 98% of residents are not in favor of apartments in the area according to our 2019 Community Survey, and so we would like to invite any residents to this meeting who are able to come to provide your feedback to the developer and the County about the proposed rezoning.

Thank you!

Click Here to Register to Attend Virtually