The Village of Marvin has been in communication with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality: Air Quality Division regarding the numerous concerns and complaints regarding the pungent smell often experienced within our community. As of Friday, May 7, 2021, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control issued a notice to the paper plant responsible for creating this alleged odor. The order consisted of various methods of monitoring close to the site and will continue to be under investigation until levels of Hydrogen Sulfide are proven to be in acceptable levels in accordance with State and Federal laws.

Please see the order here: Click Here

Be glad you are in Marvin; this is prime example of the great representation you get in a much larger multijurisdictional issue!!

The Village of Marvin (in cooperation with the United States Environmental Protection Agency) will be placing a monitoring device within Marvin’s corporate limits to assure our citizens are safe from any harmful physical affects that may be caused from this South Carolina plant. Village Council wants to assure all Marvin residents voices are being heard and quality of life is preserved; but most of all, the health and safety of our residents is a number one priority! Please continue to be patient as we continue to assess this issue in more detail.